Alexander Proudlock

Composer | Orchestrator

Alexander Proudlock
Composer | Orchestrator
Alexander Proudlock is a composer and orchestrator based in the Newcastle, UK, and has quickly established himself as one of the most exciting and versatile composers, orchestrators of his generation.
Described as an “exciting voice in new music today”
The Choir & Organ Magazine and “packed with incessant energy” UK Theatre Network.



Jack Hughes, Founder & Director of the
Northern Film Orchestra 

“Alex was a joy to work with all round. Excellent communication and extremely cooperative. Musically speaking he is extremely proficient in his compositional craft, and this comes through in the confidence of his writing. His music blends traditional and modern orchestral sounds in a way that is both cinematic and romantic.”

Michael Emery, BBC Producer

“Very atmospheric - contemporary style of music. I admire Alexander's work which is inventive and precise. His music is very complex and multi-layed, it's refreshing."

Jason Farries, Director, Black Elk Productions 

“Alexander has composed the score for two of our film productions now (The Voodoo Man & HOMESICK) and on both occasions, he has painted our film with the most vibrant shades of ardor and emotion musically.”