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Orchestration and Arrangement Service

Orchestration can be a time-consuming aspect of any project for a composer. Alexander ensures transparency and shares his skills from beginning to finish, discussing the full range of the orchestra and what instruments to select for your project. Having trained under the tutelage of a Tony Award-winning and film/TV orchestrator, Alexander has honed his craft of orchestration for many years and explores the use of the full range of orchestral techniques to serve the narrative and properties of the musical material. These techniques are to translate the intent of the musical material and to maximise the possibilities of the musics potential

At completion and orchestration is signed off by the client, the materials can be delivered as handwritten copies or engraved scores (both delivered as PDF's).

Orchestration Example 1: 'A Resolution', by Gifts From Crows (© all rights reserved)

Orchestration Example 1.2
Orchestration Example 1.3
Orchestration Example 1.1

Orchestration Example 2: 'Song of Achilles, by Joshua Dowling (© all rights reserved)

Orchestration Example 2.1

Film Cue Example: 'End Credits' Homesick Feature Film, by Alexander Proudlock (© all rights reserved)

Film Cue Example 1
Film Cue Example 2
Film Cue Example 3

Music Engraving and Part Making Service

Engraving is one of the most overlooked but essential parts of your recording session and publishing your music. Your music may be unreadable or untranslatable when presented in front of musicians and players and may cost you a lot of time in the recording session.

  • Alexander is extremely skilled at typesetting scores and instrumental parts, using the industry standard software Sibelius.

  • Alexander's scores are engraved to the highest professional calibre, ensuring all parts are labelled and playable for the required instrument.

  • He often works from MIDI data, handwritten scores and has experience in transcribing sample library techniques.


Alexander knows how important it is to have a score and parts at a readable standard. Scores and parts are essential in music, usually, musicians are sight-reading and consequently haven't seen or heard the music they are about to play beforehand. 

Film Cue Engraving Example: 'Home' Homesick Feature Film, by Alexander Proudlock (© all rights reserved)

Film Cue Engraving Example

Part Making Examples: 'Nightmare' Homesick Feature Film, by Alexander Proudlock & 'Vidiots!', by Alexander Proudlock (© all rights reserved)

Part Making Example 1
Part Making Example 2