Steven Xuereb Haber

Alexander has announced the release date for his new album Trailblazer through ANO Records. This is his first release and was a collaboration with the Budapest Symphony Orchestra conducted by Peter Pejtsik, the Northern Film Orchestra, the Manchester String Quartet, the Jonny Ford Quartet and visual artist Steven Xuereb Haber. 


The release features a variety of works for strings and saxophone quartet, as well as a new work for orchestra, string orchestra, and string quartet. Although Alexander has worked across an eclectic range of projects, his contributions to Film and TV stand him in high praise.

             Listings of the Album 'Trailblazer' includes:

             1. Dancing Between the Raindrops

            2. Vidiots!

            3. Trailblazer

            4. Transposed Heads: Adagio for String Quartet

            5. Page Street Meltdown

Behind the scenes documentary