Widow Twankey | 2016, 5'


Chamber Ensemble


Widow Twankey (the Dame character in Aladdin) seeks to pay tribute to one such performer. He represents not just a life drawing to a close, but the curtains falling on an era. Commissioned by the Manchester Rosamund Prize, the piece draws comedic interludes with the accompaniment of characterful musical moments. The text comprises excerpts from old musical hall, alongside original material by poet Keith Hutson.


Dance of Rats | 2017, 4'


Jazz Sextet and Voice


Dance of Rats is a stylized song setting of Bertolt Brecht's poem Solidarity, written during the Weimar germanic era of 1918 to 1939. Drawing inspiration from the artistic culture at the time, the piece draws upon the style of music written at the time in cabaret and clubs in the Weimar Republic. Particularly visual art and film throughout the German Expressionism movement enthused this piece to adopt a character of distortion in its harmonic language and rhythmical display.


Written for the Royal Academy of Music Weimar celebration concerts and performed by the academy Jazz ensemble.