Trailblazer | 2020, 4'



An orchestral fanfare and musical celebration, performed by the Budapest Symphony Orchestra. The piece takes the listener through an orchestral adventure, accompanied by a relentless energy and motivic hooks. Exploration and the hard-hitting pulsation in static beat making this piece a firework display of musical content with a blaze of fanfare.

Dancing Between the Raindrops | 2019, 6'

Chamber Orchestra


Inspired by the poem written by Michael Nesmith of the same name, this piece written for small chamber orchestra attempts to translate the words of the poem into music. Proudlock rarely intends to write programmatic music, but wanted to give a catalyst for the piece. 

Recording available on 'Trailblazer' album, released 2020.


Moving Parts | 2016, 14'



Moving Parts attempts to portray ideas of time and space into a musical language with the belief of the divine and God. We consider time as a continuum, but we recognize and measure it in units (minutes and seconds). Just as clocks dictate time, subjective time supports functional metronomes. Written for the Royal Northern College of Music Brand New Orchestra. 


View Score 







Leda and Her Children | 2014, 6'



Written for the Los Angeles' acclaimed Kaleidoscope Orchestra

Moving Parts, from 3. MovementWhispers I Royal Northern College of Music
Dancing Between the RaindropsTrailerblazer I Northern Film Orchestra


Transposed Heads: Adagio for String Quartet | 2020, 4'

Amplified String Quartet


Details coming soon...

Recording available on 'Trailblazer' album, released 2020.

Page Street Meltdown | 2019, 6'

Jazz Quartet


Written for the film A Night Out, the piece Page Street Meltdown was an arrangement of a cue from the film. Performed by the Jonny Ford Quartet.

Available on all major streaming platforms.

Vidiots! | 2017, 8'

Saxophone Quartet


Commissioned by the Royal Northern College of Music for their annual Gold Medal competition celebration. View Score 


Belonging | 2017, 5'

Horn trio


Belonging portrays the sense of a human’s emotion to belong to someone or a group of people. I imagined each of the three instruments in the trio has a different character to one another, they have their own individuality to deal with in a very limited scope of delineated musical material.



Artifuna | 2016, 7'

Wind Quintet


Commissioned by the Royal Academy fo Music and written for the acclaimed CHROMA Ensemble.




City StreetA Night Out I Jonny Ford Quartet
Transposed Heads: Adagio for String QuartetThe Northern Film Orchestra

Solo & Duet

Jack in the Box | 2019, 5'

Soprano Saxophone

An arrangement of a similar piece under the same title, the original was commissioned by clarinetist Fung Yat Shang for the 'Robert Saxton Celebration Concert' in Manchester. This piece was recorded for a special album by Emma McPhilemy and will be released in 2020.



Monsterpalooza | 2017, 6'

Mixed Percussion


Commissioned by percussionist Aidan Marsden.



Candlelight Whispers | 2015, 10'

Cello Suite


Candlelight Whispers was specially commissioned for the St. Barnabas Summer Proms Concert Series 2015 by internationally acclaimed cellist Jonathan Bloxham and the Northern Chords Ensemble.


Open To Me The Gates | 2020, 4'

TTBB Chorus


of music to the text of A Joyful and powerful setting psalm 118 under the same title. An anthem that can stand alone in concert but also in presence of worship. 


Psalm 118

Open to me the Gates of righteousness:
I will go into them, and I will praise the Lord
This is the gate of the Lord, into which the righteous shall enter
The stone which the builders refused
is become the head stone of the corner.
This is the Lord’s doing;

marvelous in our eyes.
This is the day which the Lord hath made;
we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Praise and thanks be to God
With heart and hands and voices



The Dirge of December | 2014, 4'

A capella  SATB Chorus


A poem by Lewis Proudlock, the result was premiered at St. Paul's Church, Knightsbridge, London in 2015  by the1850 fromaIn celebration of the Choir & Organ magazine, this piece was specially commissioned for there May edition. Taken BBC Singers. The work was then recorded in 2018 by the Vesper Singers and now available on streaming platforms.


An ominous work setting to a poem of a personal ancestor, Lewis Proudlock, under the same title.


Dirge of DecemberDirge of December I Vesper Singers