“Alex was a joy to work with all round. Excellent communication and extremely cooperative. Musically speaking he is extremely proficient in his compositional craft, and this comes through in the confidence of his writing. His music blends traditional and modern orchestral sounds in a way that is both cinematic and romantic.”

“I admired Alexanders work, the fact that the whole composition was able to remain in four (SATB) parts with no divisi at all was very bold.”

“ A very Atmospheric - contemporary setting. It's very exciting to see an emerging composer work with century-old text. I admire Alexander's work which is accomplished.

Michael Emery - BBC Producer

“Alex was very receptive to film. He has the uncanny ability to absorb a scene and provide a precise musical interpretation. Working with Alex was a great experience as he was both responsive to my personal vision and had a unique creative voice to contribute to the project.”